CRFC Wolfhounds AGM Results

Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM last Tuesday night, especially all the Grayhounds who came by and lent their support; including two who were elected as officers! We’d like to congratulate those two in particular, as well as the rest of our newly elected officers:

  • President – Justin Forgash
  • Head Coach – Al Lucas
  • Club Captain – Jon Tenhundfeld
  • Chairman – George Perdikakis
  • Treasurer – Jose Sanchez
  • VP of Recruiting – Brody Critzer
  • VP of Fundraising – Dan O’Sullivan
  • Secretary/VP of Marketing – Drew Binegar
  • Selector (2x) – Sam and Mark McAninch
  • Match Secretary – Jake Sloan
  • Social Chairman – Kristian Kraemer
  • Clubhouse Manager – Darryl Rice
  • Bar Manager – Robert Hernandez
  • Field Chairman – Chris Klesta

In addition, we passed a number of resolutions:

  • A committee was formed to plan the 50th Anniversary – their first order of business will be to contact a number of prominent Old Boys to help with planning.
  • From this point onwards, the AGM will be held within two weeks (14 days) of the last match of the Spring season.
  • The role of Selectors in choosing the lineup will be reemphasized, and the bylaws governing the weekly selectors’ meetings were clarified for all in attendance.
  • In order to foster greater levels of participation in off-field activities, all officers (and particularly the Vice Presidents of Recruiting, Fundraising, and Marketing) are empowered and encouraged to form subcommittees of their own choosing to support them in carrying out their duties.
  • Minutes from regularly held Officers’ Meetings are to be communicated to the community via the website.

Thanks again to all who attended, a lot of great ideas for improving the club were put forward last night. Now it’s time for the new officers to get to work!