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Competing at the highest level involves supporting player travel and maintaining the best pitches in the Midwest.  Promoting player development begins with youth programs across our region, thru partnerships with local high school teams, in providing the Midwest collegiate players’ Overseas Rugby Experience Program, and much more.  From simply cheering on any one of our teams at Brimelow Fields to adopting a player, there are numerous ways to get involved in Cincinnati rugby. Help us break the gain line. Donate today!

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Midwest Rugby Development Foundation

Incorporated in 1996, the Midwest Rugby Development Foundation works to increase the growth and awareness of Rugby and to further the development of amateur athletes by promoting educational rugby activities.  As a 501(c)(3) entity, the MWRDF offers a unique opportunity for organizations to get involved in rugby.  Your generosity assists directly in the training, preparation, and growth of rugby throughout Greater Cincinnati and help to provide a bright future for young athletes.

Winter Banquet

The Cincinnati Rugby Football Club cordially invites you to attend our annual winter banquet on.  Please plan to join us as we celebrate the team’s accomplishments from the 2021 season, recognize player achievement, and congratulate this year’s CRFC Hall of Fame inductee. More information coming soon.

Euchre Tournament

Annual Euchre Tournament to benefit the Midwest Rugby Development Foundation on. This charity event includes a double elimination tournament, raffle prizes, and split the pots. The venue will be showing football playoff games and offering drink and food specials.

Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:

CRFC is to compete at the highest level of rugby.

Team Culture:

1. Family Orientedpositive support of your teammates

2. Honor the Teamdon’t do anything to embarrass yourself, your teammates, your family, or theclub

3. Respect your opponents, referees, and the game

4. Play to the best of your ability, maximum effort in practices and games

Philosophy & Style of Play

The ‘Hounds are known and respected across the country for their fierce, hard-nosed style of play and the strenght and class of the organization.


1. Good, hard defense to create turnovers

2. Use fitness to wear down opponents

3. Be dynamic to create mismatches on offence and exploit opponents weaknesses


1. Dominate the contactpositive tackles behind thegain line

2. Continuous improvementon our conditioning

3. Improve on the Hold and Fold patterns as well as decision making in exploiting a teamweaknesses

Why Join Us?

Our Club is a family. We support player development from children to international players for both men and women. We have respect for people and the game. Finally, we play to the best of our abilities. 

Player Philosophy:

To become a better player, we must accept personal responsibility for our development. 

Demanding more of ourselves:

1. Fitness

2. Eliminating avoidable mistakes in routine skills

3. Expand their skills

4. Feel confident in winning the match

5. Concerned with their poor skills over good skills

6. Never becomplacent

7. Commitment to the team

CRFC is the Premier Rugby Club in Ohio. Founded in 1974, the Club fields competitive teams in Men’s Division 1 Midwest Premiership, and Sevens Teams for both Men and Women.  A very active over-35 Greyhound group ensures the history and culture of our Club are embodied.  Since inception, the Wolfhounds remain one of only two teams in the Midwest Rugby Union to compete in Division I for their entire history.

Our Facilities

CRFC maintains the premier rugby piches in the midwest - Brimelow Fields. We have two regulation-size picthes with natural grass, scoreboards, and stadium lights. Located near Cincinnati, Ohio it is easily accesible and accomodating. Several national tournaments are hosted there as well as club, college, and high-school events. Brimelow Fields: 6440 Stockton Rd. Fairfield, OH 45242   

Our Clubhouse has hosted legends of the league and rugby in general. We host international players, Grayhounds, teams, and events throughout the year here. Some of our fondest memories have been made, and continue to be made, in this 5 bedroom house with a meeting room/bar in the basement. The huge back-yard hosts our socials and parties where we can bond with eachother and others.

The snack shack at Brimelow fields offers tasty, as well as healthy, treats along with meal-type options, drinks, and merchandise for patrons and players during game and tournament days. We have a liquor license that allows us to sell beer or daily memberships for beer as well. The snack shack is volunteer-operated and all income goes to club improvements. 


  3. Any/all alcohol brought in will be confiscated upon entry.
  4. All confiscated alcohol will be kept on ice and enjoyed by the day’s volunteers after you have gone home

If caught with alcohol on property, you will be EJECTED and not refunded (parking / tournament entry / etc.)

1. You could try to pull the old, wait-till-the-tourney-is-done-and-then-breakout-the-beer-when-they-all go home. So, I guess, if you want to bring it in... Thanks, I guess, but your alcohol will be confiscated.

  1. Alcohol is for sale- You must be 21 to purchase alcohol.

NOTE:  Helicopters are free… because that would be sweet!

  1. NO PARKING in driveways down the street, your vehicle will be ticketed and towed. Not by us. But they will gladly have you removed


1. We’re cool with dogs, as long as they’re on a leash and well behaved

2. Please remember to bring your own plastic bags for cleanup

3. Cats?? Cats are jerks and probably don’t like rugby anyway - they’re into tennis and crap like that… whatever, if you want to bring your cat, you can… same rules apply though.

4. Other animals? Don’t be that guy/girl and be the weirdo that brings a snake or lizard or something.

Do these rules seem familiar? Aside from the basic fact that this how almost EVERYONE runs a tournament, we did get some help. We liked the “House Rules” for the Firehouse 7s so much that we borrowed them for our tournament. Thank you, Chicago Blaze!

Our Teams & Programs

Men’s Division I

The DI Men’s team competes in the Midwest East League with fall and spring seasons starting in August and February, respectively.

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Men’s Second Side

The Men’s Second Side competes in the Midwest League with fall and spring seasons starting in August and February, respectively.

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Women’s 7’s

The Women’s 7’s team competes in the Midwest 7’s circuit and the season starts in April. The season runs through August.

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Men’s 7’s

The Men’s 7’s team competes in the Midwest 7’s circuit and the season starts in April. The season runs through August.

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The store has all kinds of Wolfhounds gear, including t-shirts, dry-fits, sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies, shorts, scarves, and hats. The best part is, SquadLocker passes along 10% of every order directly to the club. Visit the link here to browse the store, Go Hounds!


Competing at the highest level involves supporting player travel and maintaining the best pitches in the Midwest.  Promoting player development begins with youth programs across our region, through partnerships with local high school teams, in providing the Midwest collegiate players’ Overseas Rugby Experience Program, and much more.  Help us break the gain line. Donate today!


Annual subscriptions determine Club privileges and certify participation at general meetings. Team members and Grayhounds can pay through our site. For specific information regarding Undergraduate or Overseas members, contact our Club Treasurer.

Club History

The Cincinnati RFC was founded in 1974 by members of the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, and other local schools, with the objective of playing the highest level of rugby possible.  The team, known as the Wolfhounds, currently competes in the Midwest East region of USA rugby.

The first team Wolfhounds have played in the Midwest Championship Tournament nineteen times and reached the national “sweet sixteen” five times, finishing fifth in 2005, fourth in 2007, and ninth in 2011.  Success has also come frequently in non-league tournaments such as the Savannah, GA St. Patrick’s Day Tournament, recently winning the Premier division in 2015.  The Wolfhounds have featured 5 USA Eagles national team players amongst its list of accomplished ruggers, including Luke Gross.


Midwest Championship Tourney Appearances


National Sweet Sixteen Appearances


USA Rugby National Team Eagle Players


Founded and have maintained a D1 team since

 Hall Of Fame

  In honor of those who have provided extraordinary service to the Club, on and/or off the pitch, for an extended period of time.

Names Year
Bob Deck 2019
Patrice Latapy 2018
Jimmy Johnson 2017
Mark Heidrich 2016
Tim Distler 2016
Luke Gross 2013
Nick Lauterbach 2012
Casey Schnieber 2012
Kevin Egan 2011
J.R. Hassett 2011
Greg Ahrens 2010
Chuck Tunnacliffe 2009
JT Irwin 2009
Darryl Rice 2009
John Apke
John Spencer
Gerry Lackey
Tom Powers
Ken Glassmeyer
Jake Burkhardt
Mike Barrett
Brian & Lois Brimelow
Mike Scheer
Gates Moss
Doug Logan
Steve Wessels
Buck Shiels
Gerry Mulvany

Field Captains

Below is the list of Men that Captained the CRFC Wolfhounds on the field of play.

Names Date Position
Viviani, Mark  2017 Hooker 
Viviani, Mark  2016 Hooker
Grote, Ryan 2015 Fullback
Grote, Ryan 2014 Fullback
Grote, Ryan 2013 Fullback
Schenke, Tony 2012 Lock
Schenke, Tony 2011 Lock
Schenke, Tony 2010 Lock
Schenke, Tony 2009 Lock
McCafferty, John 2008 Prop
McCafferty, John 2007 Prop
Heidrich, Mark 2006 Eight Man
Heidrich, Mark 2005 Eight Man
Schnieber, Casey 2004 Fullback
Schnieber, Casey 2003 Fullback
Melzer, Hugh 2002 Flanker
Melzer, Hugh 2001 Flanker
Heidrich, Mark 2000 Eight Man
Heidrich, Mark 1999 Eight Man
Johnson, Jim 1998 Hooker
Johnson, Jim 1997 Hooker
Egan, Kevin 1996 Center 
Egan, Kevin 1995 Center 
Hogan, John 1994 Hooker
Hassett, J.R. 1993 Scrum Half
Hassett, J.R. 1992 Scrum Half
Irwin, J.T. 1991 Flanker
Hassett, J.R. 1990 Scrum Half
Distler, Tim 1989 Hooker
Distler, Tim 1988 Hooker
Apke, John 1987 Flanker
Burkhardt, Jake 1986 Flanker
Glassmeyer, Ken 1985 Fly Half
Burkhardt, Jake 1984 Eight Man
Brennan, Danny 1983 Hooker
Muehlenkamp, Tom 1982 Center 
Wessels, Steve 1981 Center 
Webber, Ron 1980 Center
Logan, Doug 1979 Fullback 
Wessels, Steve 1978 Center 
Barrett, Mike 1977 Eight Man
Seilkop, Steve 1976 Flanker
Seilkop, Steve 1975 Flanker 
Shiels, Buck 1974 Fly Half 

Current Officers

Our current officers operating for the Club.

Positions Names
President Justin Forgash
Head Coach Al Lucas
Club Captain Drew Binegar
Chairman Dan O’Sullivan
Treasurer Jose Sanchez
VP of Recruiting Augie Murphy
VP of Fundraising Tom Shutrump
Secretary/Marketing Chairmen Cam McGoon and John Kuebler
Selectors Sam McAninch and Nick Brett
Match Secretary Phil Bryant
Social Chairman Wendell Whitehead
Clubhouse Manager Darryl Rice
Bar Manager John Kuebler
Field Chairmen Luke Pinkston and Brody Critzer

Club Sponsors

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Want to Join The Club?

Get involved with any of our teams, committees, Grayhounds, the Midwest Rugby Development Foundation, youth programs, and more by getting in touch with us. We would love to have you involved!